Rabbit’s World of Color

Rabbit’s World of Color

Colors of rabbits’ fur are quite a wide variety, sorting from cream, milk tea, brown to black, white, or gray. The mixture of multiple colors, patterns, and dots are common as well.

Moreover, the colors of their irises present colors other than brown, such as
gray, blue, red and amber.

Some of them even own different colors from both eyes. However, what the world looks like from their eyes?

Limited by the types of cone cells, rabbits could only see the color combination of blue and green. Thus, so-called “red carrots” aren’t even close to red from their point of view. By the way, carrots aren’t the staple food of rabbits!

However, the minute the food is out of the snack bag, they are already targeted by food radar.

What’s the color of your dear bunny?

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