About us HERCHY

About Us

Hung I Metal Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese-based company founded in 1990. Our registered logo, HERCHY, is well accepted and considered as the guarantee of high quality and outstanding service.

Our company specializes in patented leak-proof water feeders, durable modern pet carriers, and pet bowls. We also adopt an OEM or ODM approach to developing and manufacturing products for customers.

Hung I provides the highest quality products at competitive prices to buyers from all parts of the world. Proudly serving millions of pets and trusted by pet lovers around the world to make pet ownership easier and more enjoyable.

Our Promise

Our quality is like a loyal pet, always by your side, ensuring that both you and your furry babies can enjoy worry-free moments.

HERHCY - drip icon

No Drip Guarantee

Patented leak-proof design keeps the floor dry.

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Modern & Chic Design

Sleek & Chic—Improve your quality of life.


User-Friendly Bracket

Ensure a quick setup for comfortable drinking environment.

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Made in Taiwan

Consistently deliver high-quality products and services.


HERCHY pet water nozzle

Pet Water Nozzle

Compatible with most commercially available water bottles, reducing plastic waste.

HERCHY water feeder

Pet Water Bottle

Easy installation makes it simple to prevent fur discoloration issues for your pets.

HERCHY pet portable water feeder

Portable Water Bottle

Secure and convenient outdoor experiences make every adventure full of cherished memories.。

HERCHY pet carrier

Pet Carrier

Allows your furry friends to explore the outdoors freely while keeping them safe.

HERCHY pet bowl

Pet Bowl

Simple, practical, and durable. Provide the best dining experience for your pet.

HERCHY cat litter box

Cat Corner

We offer the highest quality products for your feline friends, ensuring a happy life for each little paw.


Discover fascinating pet facts, heartwarming moments, and thrilling stories of our beloved furry babies.

Looking forward to providing the best care for our furry babies

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