Do Animals Require Teeth-brushing

Do Animals Require Teeth-brushing?

Dentists suggest teeth scaling every year. How about animals?

While it’s better to arrange deep cleaning for teeth every year, regular anesthetized teeth scaling is a necessary to-do list for dogs’ and cats’ owners annually as well.


What about other animals?

There are quite a lot of ferrets, hedgehogs and sugar gliders existing as pets in the market, requiring regular teeth scaling. They even have exclusively invented toothpaste!

As for rabbits and guinea pigs, significant difference lies in the fact that they own aradicular hypsodont teeth, which grow throughout their lifetime.

The point to raise them well is to maintain the habit of grinding their teeth with grass, and avoiding biting hard stuff, such as iron cages, excessively.

Owning healthy teeth could save a considerable amount of medical fees.

(**biting cellphone charger wire or electrical cord is not included in the situation)

HERHCY - hamster

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